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As the world supports Ukraine, we are mourning with Yuri, our dear friend, who is from Ukraine and whose family has lost everything when they fled the war zone. Please join us in supporting him and his family by purchasing this majestic bird.


17" x 17" Hand-enhanced Giclees

Edition size 35 with 4 Artists Proofs

Giclees- $400 ($100 donation)

Artist Proofs - $800 ($200 donation)




Watch Susan's Drawing On Details video series and hear more about her work, the animals and the iconic images she's drawn. 






"Susan is an accomplished and passionate Artist. Her books and poems bring to life her profound dedication to wildlife"

 -Robert Workman, Director of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Susan Morrison is an artist, author, observer, educator, and storyteller. Long before the designation came to prominence and wide usage, Susan Morrison became an environmentalist. Using a variety of art forms as her methods, she works to raise awareness of America's wildlife and wildlands. Beyond awareness, her art celebrates and helps to preserve these valuable national resources.


Using the most basic tools available to an artist, pencils and paper, pen and ink, Morrison conveys a sense of the life in nature through a sincere rendering of varying textures, from cursing streams, stones and dense forest undergrowth to the soul-tugging limpid eyes of a timber wolf.


She demonstrates the intense character of her subjects by capturing not only the qualities of their appearance or habitat, but also their inner spirit. She is not a wildlife artist, nor an illustrator, but a portrait artist for our nation's animals and undisturbed natural scenery.


Susan Morrison’s work is anchored in a long tradition of artist-naturalist dating as far back as northern Renaissance Master Alberecht Durer and his 15th century drawing of a hare and native plants. Works such as George Stubbs’ portrait the English prize-winning horses and breeding stock, and John James Aubodon’s portfolios of the birds and quadrupeds of America, among very few others, describe nature in precise detail, but also evoke something of its ineffable truth and mystery. It is the intent of Morrison's work to capture the same.


Susan's Morrison's work appeals on a variety of levels; as aesthetic experience; as an example of technical mastery and disciplined work; as educational resources and stimulus. Without question her drawings inspire us to consider and discover nature as a place to more fully understand ourselves. Traveling through near and distant lands at a particular and almost certainly critical moment in time, her work and life are inseparable and her journeys are both into the outward beauty of the real world and it's poetic, interior realms.

- Chris Crossman, Founding Curator of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (2005 - 2009) 

(From Morrison's Major Solo Retrospect Exhibition, used to introduce Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art to the Nation)



Susan Morrison

479-253-8788 or 479-521-4141

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