Great Plains, Bighorn River, Wyoming

The Great Plains was one of my most visited areas.  There were multiple sojourns into this land, had to is so vast, so different and so unyielding. Little wonder so many suffered to settle this land and so many suffered so it could be settled. For those who had learned through eons of experience to survive and thrive in this environment were not the kind to relinquish it easily 

Of all the drawings in the Expedition Wildlands Portfolio this, my only winter scene, was one of the most difficult.  It offered no movement or escape.  It was as absolute as the environment I was depicting.  Relentlessly demanding and beyond incredible as an experience....Look closely and you will see the moments of respite in this unforgiving land.....

It's like a prayer.....


Giclee, Fine Art Print on archival paper hand remarked by the artist

18" x 22"  $750

    Artist Proof

    2020 by Susan Morrison