Fox Squirrel

Print Size 12"x 14" Fine Art Giclee on archival paper, hand enhanced by the artist.


Susan, noted for her ability to capture the wonderful wild fun feeling that comes with these mischievous creatures, has somehow taken this experience even further. The most colorful of all of the squirrels and also the largest; usually seen in perimeter trees and fields this squirrel is recognized for its intelligence and clever problem solving.  But in spite of these gifts like all of his kind he is the “Johnny Appleseed” of the woods, diligently, carefully burying his nut just the right depth for planting and promptly forgetting where.  Consequently, other than his stash in his winter lair, he must search for his food sometimes having to settle for last year’s pine cone. Does he care?  Here is where Susan’s gift of portraiture shines.  No he doesn’t!  He’s too busy enjoying life and being really proud of his wonderful tail!


    2020 by Susan Morrison